Auckland pre-school teacher found guilty on six counts of smacking, washing a child's mouth out with soap and force-feeding

A jury, in the Auckland District Court, has found pre-school teacher Lynn Abraham guilty of assaulting children in her care.

There's evidence the Ministry of Education was warned of such offending 18 months before Lyn Abraham was arrested. Source: 1 NEWS

This afternoon a jury found her guilty on six counts of smacking, on three counts of force-feeding and of washing one child's mouth out with soap.

Ten out of 11 charges were proven, affecting eight out of nine children listed as victims.

Abraham was cleared of cellotaping the mouth of a ninth child.

Sitting in the dock, she had no reaction as the verdict was read out.

Abraham had admitted in court to "possibly" smacking some children on their hands but denied using any greater force.

Five parents gave evidence on behalf of the defence, vouching for the quality of the care provided by Abraham.

But three former colleagues told the court described otherwise, telling jurors of incidents of assault at the daycare centre.

Lynn Abraham is on trial in the Auckland District Court, facing 11 charges. Source: 1 NEWS

The 59-year-old has been remanded on bail for sentencing on July 31.