Auckland policeman found not guilty of unlawfully detaining teen in mock arrest announces retirement

One of the Auckland police officers who was found not guilty of unlawfully detaining a 17-year-old in a 2015 "mock arrest" incident has announced his retirement from the force today.

Hurimoana Davis. Source: Q+A

Hurimoana Dennis has told 1 NEWS he will be retiring from the police effective April 2018 after 32 years.

Mr Dennis along with his police officer partner Vaughan Perry, were both stood down from the force pending an investigation and court case over an incident in which they pretended to arrest a teenager who was suspected of sleeping with his then-15-year-old girlfriend. 

Both men were found not guilty of this offence last month and Mr Perry has returned to his normal role with Auckland Police.

Mr Hurimoana says his decision was his own and he wasn't told to leave by the police.

Inspector Hurimoana Dennis says the only thing he did wrong was be a proud Maori officer. Source: 1 NEWS

"I've given all I possibly can to service my community, particularly Maori communities, and you talk to your family and your friends and I'm sure I can do something else another 32 years," he said.

He also told 1 NEWS he stands by the strong comments made to the media after his acquittal where he said in part: "The only thing that Vaughan and I have done wrong is be very proud Maori officers who were quite vocal about the number of Maori men coming into the judicial system.

"The only other thing we did wrong is we just care too much."