Auckland police rock up to Zachary's fifth birthday party after he called 111 and invited them

An Auckland boy called 111 to invite the police to his fifth birthday party - and what do you know, they turned up.

The off-duty officers gave Zac a police dog soft toy before the birthday boy got in their car. Source: 1 NEWS

Young Zachary's mum, Sarah, was very apologetic when the police call-taker rang her to make sure everything was okay after Zac had called 111 a couple of times.

"He had just been telling me he wanted to have a police-themed birthday party. And then I didn't realise he was going to phone through," Sarah told the call-taker.

"I don't know if we'll be able to make it but I'll put it in," the call-taker replied, seeing the funny side.

When Zac's birthday came around last Saturday, several police arrived and at his front door, which was opened by the birthday boy himself.

"Zachary, can we talk to you for a second?" one officer asked.

"No," came Zac's blunt reply, to laughter in the house.

But when the officer said they had something for him and gave him a soft toy police dog wearing a police jacket, Zac decided, "You can come in."

The police officers wished him "happy birthday", but he seemed just a little daunted as two officers who looked like riot police joined the party.

The police joined heaps of kids to sing "Happy Birthday" and Zac donned a police jacket and sat in the police car and on its roof. The police helicopter even flew over and he waved to it.

Zac's birthday cake abd a big "5" and a police car on it, of course.

The officers caught the whole happy occasion on video and posted it on the North Shore, Rodney and West Auckland Police Facebook page where it's gone viral.

But the Police say while their while their off duty staff were happy to bring Zachary's birthday wish to life, they don't encourage kids calling 111 to invite police to birthdays.