Auckland mum-of-three invents brilliant new game on the way home from dance class




An Auckland mother of three who also runs her own dance school has invented a new game that is poised to take the world by storm.

Claire Sciascia dreamed up Scatterbones within 20 minutes, a variation of knuckle bones where you assemble a skeleton.
Source: Seven Sharp

Claire Sciascia was driving home from her studio one day when she decided she wanted to invent a game.

Within 20 minutes she'd come up with Scatterbones, a variation on the old classic knuckle bones, where the aim is to assemble a skeleton.

"The first person to flip all their bones to complete a coloured skeleton wins," she told Seven Sharp. 

Claire's first version used clay from the Warehouse, and the second came together with help from designer husband Karl.

The final version she took to England and an event called the Inventor's Workshop, kind of a Dragon's Den for inventors and game companies that has been described as like "speed dating on speed".

Luckily for her, someone fell in love with Scatterbones.

They are now doing a run in the hundreds of thousands, and will be distributing the game worldwide next year.

"If I can do it, and I'm just a mum of three kids, anyone can do it," she said.

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