Auckland mum chases down man after reportedly catching him performing lewd act in local park

An Auckland mum says she chased a man for 20 minutes after allegedly witnessing him at a picnic table with his pants down performing a lewd act on himself at a local park this morning.

Police arrested a man in Pukekohe after reports he was "acting inappropriately". Source: Supplied

Louisa Brock told 1 NEWS she was with a friend and her five-year-old daughter at a park near King Street in Pukekohe when she reportedly witnessed a man who had his penis out.

“The thought of him doing it to someone else's kid, like, I just thought we need him locked up,” Ms Brock said.

“Otherwise he’d be back out doing it again.”

She said there was no one else at the park at the time but “there was no chance I was letting him get away”.

“I yelled like I never have before and chased him for 20 minutes while I was on the phone to the police.”

She said the man immediately put his pants back on after he saw her approaching.

Ms Brock said she then chased him around the town centre and “down alleyways” before losing him.

She said she later found the man hiding outside a laundromat on the corner of Hall Street and Lodge Street. She enlisted the help of some young boys at the local McDonald’s who surrounded the man to keep him there until police arrived.

Ms Brock said the park was a popular spot for locals, especially around Christmas time where decorations were put up in the park. She said the town centre would have been busy today in preparation for the community's Christmas parade.

She said parents should “always keep an eye out around” and “never let your babies out of your sight”.

“This kind of stuff doesn’t happen [in Pukekohe],” she said.

Ms Brock said she hoped the man would receive the help he needed.

Police told 1 NEWS they received a report at 10.30am of a man "acting inappropriately".

Police said one person has been arrested and there were no details at this stage of charges or any court appearances.