Auckland Labour MP victim of daylight robbery on Ponsonby Road

Labour list MP Priyanca Radhakrishnan was mugged yesterday morning on a suburban Auckland shopping strip.

Ms Radhakrishnan tweeted that a man had been watching her for a bit before he jumped out his car, snatched her handbag and drove off, on Ponsonby Rd, Ponsonby.

"Ironic that I spent most of this week in a country with a high security alert & was fine. Back in Akl & I was mugged today. In broad daylight. In Ponsonby," she wrote.

Radhakrishnan was recently in Bangladesh for the 63rd Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference. 

She's assured people that she's fine, just without a phone.

Fellow Labour MP Kiri Allan tweeted in reply "Sister, this is shocking! Hope you’re okay - incredibly upsetting. Sending kind vibes your way x."


Investigation underway after truckie films himself abusing cyclist on Dunedin road

A Dunedin company is investigating the actions of one of its employees after he filmed himself abusing a cyclist and posted it online.

The man shot a video of himself riding in the passenger seat of a truck, and can be heard urging the driver to hit the cyclist.

"Run him over Greg mate ... do it," the man says.

"Out of the way you f****** cabbage!"

The man then posted the video onto a local social media page, the Otago Daily Times reports, and another member of the page provided it to the newspaper.

A spokesperson for the trucking company, Clearwater Civil, said he is appalled.

"The video is extremely embarrassing," he told the Times.

"The allegation is viewed very seriously and there is an employment investigation under way.''

The spokesperson said he was happy to see that the driver appeared to have actually ignored his the man's words and given the cyclist plenty of room.


Who's in the right? Takapuna home owner building a wall right over popular beachfront walkway - but it's their land

A wall being constructed along the shore in Auckland's Takapuna is dividing residents, and opinions.

The wall in question, half-finished, is situated at the edge of 19 Brett Ave, and is technically located on private property.

Boundary data for 19 Brett Ave shows that the property protrudes down on to the shoreline.
Boundary data for 19 Brett Ave shows that the property protrudes down on to the shoreline. Source: LINZ/Screenshot

However, the wall would make a well-used walkway between Takapuna and Milford Beaches unusable, which has led to outcries from residents.

Colleen Bergin told Stuff she fears she'll no longer be able to walk her dog along the coast, and other residents have also voiced concerns.

"It's one thing to over-intensify building throughout the city and it's another thing to ruin an iconic walk because of one person's demands," Ms Bergin said.

A graphic showing the location of 19 Brett Ave, in relation to the eastern coastline of Takapuna in Auckland.
A graphic showing the location of 19 Brett Ave, in relation to the eastern coastline of Takapuna in Auckland. Source: Google Maps

"Council should be bargaining with these people to preserve this walkway and make it better."

After Stuff made queries to Auckland Council about the wall, it halted construction on August 1, saying a further resource consent would be needed, which is currently being processed.

With the wall in place, walkers would be forced to go further down the rocks, which Ms Bergin said could deter walkers, or even lead to injuries.

James Hunter of Christopher Hay Construction, who is in charge of building the wall, told Stuff previously his client had gone to great lengths to make the wall aesthetically pleasing, and that most people didn't realise the pathway actually crosses private property.

Mr Hunter said the owners are overseas, and do not want to comment.

A graphic showing the location of 19 Brett Ave in Takapuna.
A graphic showing the location of 19 Brett Ave in Takapuna. Source: Google Streetview/Google Maps/1 NEWS Graphic


'Babysitting while black' - police called on African American man babysitting white children

Police were called to a residence in Cobb County in the US state of Georgia, after a white woman reported a black man for babysitting two white children.

As he shopped while babysitting the children of David Parker and Dana Mango, Corey Lewis was stopped by a woman and asked if the children were okay.

"We then left to go get gas, she moved closer and waited there," said Mr Lewis.

The woman then returned later to ask if she could speak to the children, before Mr Lewis said no, leading to the police being called.

Mr Lewis then returned home, before Cobb County Police showed up.

The officer questioned the 10-year-old and the 6-year-old before calling their parents.

"I said are you saying that because there's an African American male driving my two white kids, that he was stopped and pulled over and questioned and he said I'm sorry ma'am that’s exactly what I'm saying," Mango told CBS46.

The parents confirmed to CBS46 that Mr Lewis had been arranged to babysit weeks ago, with their son part of his mentoring programme, 'Inspired by Lewis.'

"B-W-B which I guess is the new thing, babysitting while black," said the father.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern again shuts down engagement speculation

Jacinda Ardern says she is not engaged, shutting down any speculation after wearing her ring on her left ring finger. 

The Prime Minister posted a video this week to her Facebook page to discuss the issue of rising fuel prices. 

Amongst the flurry of comments discussing the price of petrol, a few inquired about the ring on Ms Ardern's finger. 

DailyMail Australia published a story headlining saying engagement rumours were sparked after the video was posted. 

However, Ms Ardern confirmed to NewsHub she is not engaged.

In December last year, Ms Ardern again quashed rumours of engagement after a Facebook Live

The Prime Minister was spotted wearing a ring on her ring finger during a Facebook live last night. Source: 1 NEWS

"I'm happy to confirm that I have eczema on my left hand which causes me to rotate where I wear my beautiful onyx ring and so no I am not engaged," she said at the time. 

jacinda ardern ring
Source: Facebook