Auckland high school investigating online image of student wearing blackface and using racist slur

Auckland's Westlake Girls High School is investigating after a student allegedly dressed in blackface and used a racist slur in an online post.

Source: Google Streetview

A school prefect called out her fellow student online, posting a screenshot yesterday of a Snapchat made by another Westlake student with her face darkened and captioned "wassup ma n****".

"If my prefect title gets taken away then so be it, this is my stand," the girl wrote.

"Our Pasifika and Māori ancestors had endured such despicable treatment, and it pains me that in today’s society, such treatment is still occurring."

Two other Westlake Girls students also reposted the image, with one describing the image as "casual racism at its finest".

"Thanks Westlake Girls high School, you protect your white students but never educate them or hold them accountable for their actions.

"Don't preach diversity at our school when you have [an] openly racist student speaking their free mind - despicable and disgusting behaviour," she wrote.

Another student, who also reposted the image, wrote that "it makes me feel so furious and mad that you attend the same 'culturally diverse' school as me.

"It makes me furious to know that I attend classes with a white girl who thinks it's OK to paint her face black and say 'wassup ma n****' as a joke."

A spokesperson for the North Shore school confirmed that they are aware of the post, and that they are investigating.

"We are aware of the post in question and we have the highest expectation of our students' conduct at Westlake Girls," the spokesperson said.

"An investigation is underway into the incident, which we are taking very seriously."