Auckland Harbour Bridge to be repaired overnight tonight, with southbound lanes closed

Auckland's Harbour Bridge will be repaired overnight tonight two weeks after strong gusts of wind pushed a truck into a support beam.

Source: 1 NEWS

The bridge was damaged on September 18 when winds gusting as high as 127km/h hit the region, with one truck pushed into strut and another blown onto its side.

Resulting lane closures while the bridge was inspected caused traffic delays on major arterial routes around the city and a temporary strut was installed on September 23.

The New Zealand Transport Agency says the bridge will be permanently repaired tonight using a newly-manufactured strut, and that all southbound lanes over the bridge will be closed between 9pm and "mid-morning" on Sunday.

The Esmonde Road and Onewa Road southbound SH1 on-ramps will also be closed.

NZTA had said the operation could potentially be postponed if weather conditions were not ideal, but MetService is forecasting fine conditions with light winds.