Auckland hangi workshop 'an opportunity to reconnect'

A hangi workshop is taking place in inner Auckland today to teach the skills involved in laying a hangi.

Laying a hangi Source: 1 NEWS

Meat for hangi Source: 1 NEWS

'In the seventies and eighties hangis were popular but that's not so much the case anymore," says hangi master Rewi Spraggon.

He says it's the oldest form of cooking in New Zealand and its also good for value.

It's Kiwi as, but there are fears the hangi is becoming a dying art. Source: 1 NEWS

"A hangi can feed 200 people for less than $1000. But you also can't beat the taste of the smokiness."

Organiser Ricki Bennett says the workshop is an opportunity for all New Zealanders as well as tourists to connect with Maori culture.

"Many Maoris don't know how to lay a hangi as they've been disconnected from the culture due to various circumstances. This is an opportunity to reconnect," Mr Bennett says.

Twenty-five-year old Jesse Bradley is Maori but has never laid a hangi.

"I think that's a shame and now I want to be more involved in my culture."