Auckland Grammar pays $20k to family of student whose jaw was broken by bullies

Prestigious Auckland secondary school Auckland Grammar has paid out $20,000 to the family of a bullied student whose jaw was broken in 2005.

The teen was attacked twice with the second attack breaking his jaw, Stuff reports, and the attacker was suspended for six weeks.

The case was taken to the High Court, which issued a decision this week saying the boy and his parents were unhappy with the way the school handled the incident.

Stuff reported that the $20,000 payout was not enough to cover the legal fees of the family, who owed a further $15,000 to their lawyer Derek Cutting.

Justice Anne Hinton noted that "he [the teen] was horribly wronged".

"The appellants have settled the claim which they understandably brought against the school, and obtained vindication," she wrote.

"I recognise the matter cost them more than the dollar settlement they received, but that is unfortunately not uncommon and they were warned of that possibility both at the outset and along the way."

Auckland Grammar School
Auckland Grammar School Source: Google Streetview