Auckland families surprised with goodies to relieve some of the pressure from lockdown

When Tayla Nasmith was just 12-years-old she kick-started Mummys in Need, a charity that helps out families facing hardship.

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After seeing families go without basic necessities, Tayla Naismith just knew she had to do something to help. Source: Seven Sharp

Eight years later, Nasmith and her team have helped thousands of families. And with the ongoing impacts of Covid-19, she's determined to spread as much joy as she can.

It was after seeing families go without the basic necessities, she just knew she had to do something to help.

“It's definitely been a struggle. we’ve had a lot more need than usual,” Nasmith says.

Despite the current Covid restrictions, Nasmith says what's left of her team have been working around the clock to continue the work they do.

“We can’t get access to the social workers and case workers so we are going directly through the family which is becoming a bit more lengthy in terms of a time process and also our screening process as well so it definitely been a little bit of a struggle,” she says.

“But we are still operating, still giving out all the essentials that we need and we’re still making sure that we are there for the babies because at the end of the day babies are still being born and families are still struggling.”

Nasmith says with Covid -19 came a wave of new challenges.

“Families are starting to really struggle with the fact mums are at home trying to work with their children.

“There are families who are getting really agitated being at home all the time and staring at a screen trying to learn… I think distance learning overall is becoming a really big challenge for some kids who struggle to focus,” Nasmith says.

With the generous support of Warehouse Stationery, Kids Korowai and Tuhi Stationery Nasmith wanted to surprise families with activity packs to relieve some of the pressure during lockdown.

“Giving the parents a break as well, it can be really hard being at home trying to balance and cook dinner and clean the house and keep on top of the house work so it’s really nice to go and deliver some happiness to give both the child and the parents a break,” Nasmith says.