Auckland entertainer Mika X named as co-conspirator in indecent assault cover up attempt

Mika X can now be named as the entertainer who attempted to bribe a man to drop his police complaint against a prominent businessman.

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Mika X was sentenced to 11 months home detention today for helping the wealthy businessman, still under name suppression, who was convicted of the assault. Source: 1 NEWS

Mika X admitted to attempting to bribe the complainant on two occasions - once in Auckland, and another time on the Gold Coast.

Jevan Goulter and Allison Edmonds admitted their involvement in the plot at a recent trial of the businessman, who was found guilty of three charges of indecent assault and two charges of attempting to dissuade a witness from giving evidence.

Goulter and Edmonds have been granted immunity from prosecution.

Prior to sentencing, Mika X's lawyer, Barbara Hunt, said her client knew he had done wrong.

"Mr X accepts he has made a mistake and he will continue to make amends."

Justice Geoffrey Venning said those bribes involved “significant sums of money and the offer of significant inducements”.

"The offending you were involved with strikes at the heart of the administration of justice."

He described the plot as a “serious, ongoing, and cynical plan”.

However, he noted that Mika X had shown “genuine remorse”.

“This offending was a one-off lapse.”

He was sentenced to 11 months home detention; his lawyers did not oppose name suppression being lifted.

Outside court Mika X and his lawyer would not comment to media.