Auckland eatery donates money Israel and Maria Folau spent there to Rainbow Youth

An Auckland cafe has donated money in Israel Folau's name to a charity that supports queer, gender diverse and intersex youth in New Zealand. 

Maria and Israel Folau Source: twitter/Maria Tutaia

The former Wallabies star has been publicly vocal about his stance on the LGBTQI+ community, earlier this year declaring that he "would not support gay marriage" and more recently claiming the Australian bushfires are a punishment for abortion and same-sex marriage. 

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Folau says hell awaits drunks, homosexuals, fornicators and others. Source: Breakfast

Israel and Maria Folau visited Gorilla Kitchen a couple of weeks ago, and in a post on Facebook the vegan eatery said they had donated all of the money the Folaus spent to Rainbow Youth. 

"Rainbow Youth donation from Israel Folau... Seems strange doesnt it? Well we are proud to say that Israel Folau and his wife Maria Folau have inadvertently shown their support to Rainbow Youth," the post read. 

"We don't turn anyone away at Gorilla Kitchen, because we love everyone, not just animals. So when Israel and Maria came in again a couple of weeks ago we happily served them, hydrated them and fed them.

"What they didn't realise was their money spent at Gorilla Kitchen was going to be donated to Rainbow Youth, an organisation that embraces diversity and offers support for our young and vulnerable rainbow community."

While Maria has largely remained silent throughout a tumultuous year of controversial statements, her husband continues to double down on his stance.

Israel Folau says bushfires punishment for abortion, same-sex marriage: 'God is speaking'

In a video sermon posted Monday to the Truth of Jesus Christ Church Sydney, the 30-year-old said the timing of the bushfire crisis in Australia is "no coincidence but only a taste of God's judgment should nothing change".