Auckland couple's 200 cockroach a night infestation has them seeking help from the 'bug king'

One Auckland family have resorted to using the 'bug king' to help solve a mass cockroach infestation.

The Gravatts are struggling to cope with a huge infestation of cockroaches. Source: Seven Sharp

Around 200 American sewer cockroaches land in the traps laid out by the Gravatt family each night and after spending over $500 on traps over summer, they've finally decided to seek outside help.

"When we first discovered them, we had the neighbour's children out and we used to use newspapers and we'd run around swatting them all but that didn't really achieve a great deal," David Gravatt says.

Mark McDonald, who was called out to their Epsom home to spray chemicals to help eliminate the problem, says cockroach call-outs are up by as much as a third this year.