Auckland Council vote in favour of Wynyard Basin development for 2021 America's Cup site

A full meeting of the Auckland Council has voted for its preferred option for the America's Cup syndicate bases, with the Wynyard Basin development gaining support.

The Council has explored a range of complex and expensive options around the city's harbour to create a central hub for event in 2021.

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It will also be home to what's expected to be eight challenging syndicates.

Two options were on the table for the vote – one favoured by the government and one preferred by the council.

Both involved the development of Halsey and Wynyard Wharves and cost more than $100m.

The Wynyard development was the preferred option of Emirates Team New Zealand, but 1 NEWS understands it is a scaled back version of their initial proposed idea.

The Council vote has enabled its officials to get on with the time critical process of lodging resource consents.

However, the government has indicated a preference for a second option involving greater use of Wynyard Wharf.

This option remains on the table when government and council officials get together to negotiate the final plan for the next America's Cup defence.

The Auckland Mayor says the new plan is about $40m cheaper than TNZ's idea. Source: Breakfast

Talks will now continue with the government, who favoured the other option in the vote, about hammering out costs to present a final plan for the 2021 regatta.

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff told this morning's meeting that the government's preferred option might not end up being the least expensive option.

"On paper, 'yes', in practice 'no'," Mr Goff said.

"I'm being careful what I say. I don't want to paint the government into a corner."

The Council's development arm, Panuku Developments, has done some more work on the government's preference that would see a modest 15m extension of Halsey Wharf instead of the 74m proposed in the Council's option.

However, the reworked plan only allows for seven syndicates rather than eight.

Panuku Developments has also raised concerns over the costs, time frame and lack of legacy in the Wynyard Point option, and urged the government and council to make a decision as soon as possible.

"We can't stress enough how critical getting a decision is," Director of Design and Place Rod Marler said as he outlined a tight resource consents time frame.

"Things cannot shift, they cannot be pushed out. We must be ready to go by the time teams start arriving in late 2019."

The Auckland Council today took a step closer to finalising where the team bases will be built. Source: 1 NEWS