Auckland Council renews e-scooter licences with added conditions

Auckland Council has renewed e-scooter licences with added conditions.

Lime scooters in Auckland. Source:

Those operating e-scooter rentals in Auckland will be allowed to continue on their current licences, the council announced today.

However, it says the next licensing period will include further requirements in the areas of nuisance reduction, maintenance, and safety enhancement.

Auckland Council will give those wishing to apply for the new licences six weeks from November 1 to do so.

The decision comes after safety concerns around e-scooters have been raised by many.

One person died in September in an Auckland Lime e-scooter accident.

Police issued a statement on e-scooter safety after the man's death: “While e-scooters are not classed as motor vehicles, they are classified as vehicles and are subject to the same rules which apply to other low-powered vehicles such as e-bikes.

"Police's message is always to be safe when using any kind of vehicle. With e-scooters, we ask users to be considerate of other road or footpath users, to travel at safe speeds for the conditions, don't drink and ride, and we recommend wearing a helmet for your own safety."