Auckland Council getting creative with waste

Aucklanders send nearly their own weight in food scraps alone to the landfill each year, prompting the council to get creative over compost.

Food waste Source: 1 NEWS

Auckland Council wants to clean up the city and has set a target of zero waste by 2040.

This weekend more than 30 businesses joined up with waste collection company We Compost to reward Aucklanders for recycling their food scraps.

It's part of the council's two-year waste management programme to educate people about how much waste they create.

Steve Rickerby from We Compost says there's a huge amount of waste that could be composted.

"The main thing with organic waste is if it breaks down anaerobically it produces methane which is a harmful greenhouse gas," Mr Rickerby told ONE News.

On average every Aucklander produces 160kg of waste a year - enough to fill a line of rubbish trucks stretching 75 kilometres.

But 65% of what's collected on rubbish day shouldn't be chucked out, with 40% made up of food scraps and 15% recyclable.

And it's not just the environmental that is impacted with a cost of $77 million a year to dispose of that waste.

This weekends' swap is just the beginning and the council is planning major changes to kerbside collections by putting food waste bins alongside recycling bins.