Auckland Council backtracks, allows public discussion on controversial zoning proposal


Mayor Len Brown has announced there'll be a special meeting of the Auckland City Council next week where the controversial housing submission will be publicly discussed.

The council plans to increase the density of houses in a number of Auckland suburbs.

Outraged Aucklanders say they’re being denied a voice over proposed changes.
Source: 1 NEWS

ONE News understand Akl 2040, the lobby group denied speaking rights at this morning's first council meeting of the year, will be allowed to speak.

A delegation of councillors visited the mayor last night and their discussion contributed to his decision to allow the meeting.

Resident advocacy groups are pleased the matter is out in the open and they will finally get a say.

The second meeting has come about through pressure from councillors unhappy the public weren't told about a second council submission that intensified zoning for 20,000 homeowners.

However, it's expected the Mayor will announce next week's meeting is primarily about transport issues with allowance for discussion about unitary plan proposals.

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