Auckland business owner calls for Westpac to compensate staff whose hard earned Easter weekend pay was delayed after Westpac glitch

Westpac customers caught up in the banks payment outage that lasted much of Tuesday say they're disappointed with the company's communication with them.

File image of man getting money from his wallet.

The bank said it experienced delays in processing all external transfers of money, which were already delayed due to the public holidays.

Peter Chapman, the owner of  Auckland's Piha General Store was unable to pay staff for their work over the weekend because of the glitch.

"It's frustrating, I want to pay my people. They've worked hard hours over Easter and deserve to have the money in their accounts."

Mr Chapman was just one of many customers who contacted the bank asking for an update only to be responded to with a generic message through Facebook that he says didn't help his situation.

"Their communication was really poor. It was a PR nightmare."

Along with many others who posted to the banks Facebook page, Mr Chapman believe the bank should issue a compensation package to those impacted.

Jared Rogerson commented asking the bank whether they would be compensating customers who were "losing out due to your system failure and inability to maintain a working bank system".

Another customer Anna Swann demanded the bank pay for her "$9 unarranged overdraft fee that came due to your mistake" and went on to say: "It might seem like a small amount of money, but to some of us it's the difference between a healthy meal for the kids or not."

Westpac says the glitch was amended by late Tuesday evening and any customers noticing inconsistencies in their accounts should contact the bank.

Westpac has no plans to compensate impacted customers.