Auckland burglary victim feels 'violated' as cops stall on investigation

A woman whose south Auckland home was ransacked by burglars three weeks ago in broad daylight says she feels "violated".

Burglary victim Yaz Dolbel-Neville is still waiting for an outcome of a police investigation. Source: 1 NEWS

Yaz Dolbel-Neville says she came home to her Papakura house and opened the door only to find it "pretty much trashed".

"They took mine and my husband's laptops, they took my iPad, and they took a ton of jewellery," Ms Dolbel-Neville told ONE News.

She says they also took her wedding rings and those of her late mother and mother-in-law.

"It was an awful feeling knowing that someone you don't even know who they are had gone right through your house like a dose of salts," she says.

Police turned up at the scene the next day and compiled their report but three weeks on she's heard nothing back from them.

Last year, nearly 60,000 reported burglaries across New Zealand went unsolved.

The odds it seems are stacked heavily in favour of the thief, with police barely solving one in 10 reported burglaries nationally.

We're going after those prolific burglars who we know are really hurting the community - Senior Sergeant Iain Chapman

In Auckland that figure is even worse.

Now Auckland Police say they're mounting a special operation to target burglaries.

"We're going after those prolific burglars who we know are really hurting the community," Senior Sergeant Iain Chapman told ONE News.

"The ones who are going out and making a really sizeable profit based on the burglaries they're committing on a daily basis."

It's part of what acting deputy commissioner Grant Nicholls says is a concentration nationwide on reducing high volume crimes like burglaries and theft.

Sgt Chapman says they will use profiling and intelligence gathered across the district to catch the criminals.

And once arrested, they plan to oppose bail in the courts, knowing once burglars are taken from the streets they can't commit anymore break-ins.