Auckland building owner at tipping point after rubbish dumped on his property twice




Twice in the past month rubbish has been dumped on an Auckland property and the police and the council don’t want to know about it.

Property owner Philip Lendich is fuming, having spent hours cleaning up and paying to get rid of someone else's rubbish.

The first dump of 10 cubic metres happened in the night of November 7.

Mr Lendich was called in the early hours of the morning by tenants to say rubbish was strewn across the parking lot.

Rubbish dumped on Philip Lendich's property on November 7.

Source: Supplied

He spent hours cleaning it up and paying for its removal and tip fees.  

In the rubbish he found a letter with a name and address and called the owner who said they'd used 'Bookabin' for the rubbish, and the man provided an invoice from August.

Mr Lendich called Bookabin who wanted copies of the invoice and details and they've never come back to him.

Mr Lendich says the community constable at Mt Wellington told him it was not a police matter, even though he could provide details of who was involved.

The Auckland council told him that it was only a council matter if the rubbish was dumped on public property.

Mr Lendich says he is "bloody annoyed" that people can get away with it.

Bookabin would know who was driving for them on those dates and should be able to follow up and find the culprit.

Now it has happened a second time.

On November 30 Mr Lendich was called at 5.30am by tenants saying they couldn't use their work premises as rubbish was blocking the driveway.

Rubbish found dumped on Philip Lendich's property on November 30.

Source: Supplied

He has spent a second day cleaning up and paying for someone else's rubbish and is wondering how many other business owners are spending their days doing the same thing with rubbish dumping going unreported. 

If there are no consequence people will keep doing this, he says.

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