Auckland-based community delivery service spawns from drive to keep shopping local during pandemic

An Auckland man has created his own way of helping his local community by launching a community-based delivery service. 

Parcel delivery (file picture) Source:

Howick Deliveries, run by Andrew Laing, was spawned by a group of friends who had grown frustrated over the delays on goods by couriers struggling to keep up with demand. 

With some free time on his hands, Mr Laing took it upon himself to give back to the businesses around him who were eager for the extra support. 

"In the past 72 hours there have just been amazing responses from all angles. Just walking up and down Picton Street there are people popping up saying, 'Can you do something for us?'" 

An avid fan of shopping local, he says having the community flock to shop nearby as opposed to online has Kiwis "getting back to where we're supposed to be". 

"The concept of shopping local means the local economy can develop and makes the community vibrant. It's overwhelming that when lockdown falls just how many more people are on the streets. We're getting back to where we're supposed to be." 

The push to support local businesses has helped to bring the "buzz back" to the area, according to Mr Laing. 

Howick Deliveries helps with collections and deliveries from stores in the area to "make it easier to shop around Howick" with less people able to or wanting to leave their homes who can instead reach out through Facebook.  

"Bringing back the community spirit that villages are known for. To me it’s old fashioned service in a modern world."