Auckland bar and eatery mocks woman asking about vegan options

A popular bar and eatery in Auckland CBD's viaduct area has mocked a woman for asking about options available for vegans.

A file image of a shot of alcohol. Source: File Image

The woman - who doesn't want to be named – sent a Facebook message to the HeadQuarters Viaduct page yesterday to ask if they had any vegan options on the menu.

However, the response she received wasn't quite what was expected.

Screenshots of the conversation were shared to Newshub.

"We do a very nice line in water, a small glass as an entree, a jug for a main (frozen if you like solids) with a gorgeous H2O sauce," came the response from HeadQuarters page.

"Other than that we can offer the menu, it's cardboard, should taste like 97 per cent of vegan food, you could eat that maybe.

"We'll cut in three if you'd like three courses."

It didn't end there, with further messages continuing to mock the potential customer.

"Or we have two pet rabbits, pie and stew, you could have some of their nuts and lettuce. Let us know (BTW it's all carbon neutral food).

"Can someone lock up the f****** chimpanzee, he's on Facebook again pretending he works here," the messages ended.

HeadQuarters owner Leo Molloy explained to Newshub the eatery isn't setup to "cater to vegans" but would attempt to do so on request.

Mr Molloy says he didn't send the messages.