Auckland aquarist's unlikely friendship with eel

In celebration of world friendship day, Seven Sharp went on a hunt to find an unlikely couple to illustrate the rich variety to be found in a camaraderie continuum.  

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Kim is close with her underwater buddy at Auckland’s Kelly Tarlton’s Aquarium. Source: Seven Sharp

Such a partnership was found at Kelly Tarlton's Aquarium in Auckland, where aquarist Kim Evans has developed a very special bond with an unlikely underwater buddy - a moray eel.

"They're a bit scary looking but they're actually really sweet, interactive animals and they're very, very cool," she told Seven Sharp. 

Moray eels "often swim up for a pat or a cuddle", according to Evans. 

One in particular, named Mad Eye Moody after the Harry Potter character, seeks her out every time she enters their tank to come and interact.

"It's really quite a sweet experience." 

Watch the full video above to find out more.