Auckland activist Penny Bright resolves her rates bill after a decade of refusing to pay up

Auckland activist Penny Bright has resolved her outstanding rates bill and the council is stopping its forced sale of her home in the suburb of Kingsland.

It's not clear how the outstanding rates bill, totalling some $69,000, has been resolved.

Auckland Council told 1 NEWS it's a private matter and that it can't provide any further details.

A supporter of Penny Bright told 1 NEWS that the council accepted an application for a rates postponement.

A rates postponement means people who meet certain criteria and have enough equity in their property can postpone all or part of their rates payment.

Until now, Ms Bright has been refusing to pay her rates for more than a decade, arguing that the council must be more accountable.

She headed to the High Court to try to stop the forced sale of her home, but the court told her this week that nobody is above the law.

Ms Bright recently revealed she has terminal ovarian cancer and blamed it on the stress from her rates battle.

Auckland Council said in a statement this afternoon it was pleased to confirm that Bright has resolved her outstanding rates bill.

The council gave no details on how this has been done.

"We can now all move on and allow Ms Bright to focus on more important matters," council chief financial officer Matthew Walker said in the statement.

Ms Bright has told 1 NEWS that it all feels like a bit of an "anticlimax", however says she will be able to focus her time on her battle with cancer.

When asked how long the outstanding rates bill will be postponed for, she said she would continue to apply for the postponement each year. 

Bright's home is being sold as she has refused to pay rates for over a decade. Source: 1 NEWS

Penny Bright on the deck of her Auckland home. Source: 1 NEWS

The council were going to sell her home to get back unpaid rates. Source: 1 NEWS