ASB Good as Gold: Mt Roskill woman loved by her neighbours for numerous acts of kindness

Tonight's ASB Good as Gold recipient is an Auckland woman beloved by her tight-knit group of neighbours living at the end of an unremarkable couple of driveways on a Mt Roskill street.

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Marté Szirmay does all the things good neighbours do, just because she can. Source: Seven Sharp

Marté Szirmay, the curator of a sculpture exhibition, was described by neighbour Lori Jones, who nominated her, as "a warm hug, motherly hug for all of us". 

"Marté - she cares. She genuinely, selflessly cares about about everybody here and always has," she said.

Szirmay was "very tickled" after receiving the $10,000 prize, but said just being told 'thanks' was enough.

"I hope I'm kind and considerate. My concern for them or my kindness to them - it's not for reward. It's what you do," she said.

"If I can help, why shouldn't I? I think that's what makes great neighbourhoods, that's why people want to live in an area; it's not just because it's an expensive or affordable area but because there are good people there."