As it happened: Kim Dotcom's 'Moment of Truth'

Internet entrepreneur and Internet Party founder Kim Dotcom was joined by US journalist Glenn Greenwald at the Auckland Town Hall for the 'Moment of Truth' which Dotcom predicted would be a "bombshell" just days ahead of Saturday's General Election.

7.00pm:Cheering as Dotcom, Internet Party leader Laila Harre, US journalist Glenn Greenwald, and Dotcom's lawyer Robert Amsterdam walk onto the stage. Harre says they're there to "celebrate and to protect our democracy".

Whistleblower Julian Assange is beamed in on a big screen at the back of the stage.

7.06pm:Greenwald starts by talking about how extraordinary it is to be welcomed into a country and have its leader call you adolescent names.

7.15pm:Greenwald: Insane that he was attacked byJohn Key within 24 hours of being in our country. He says Key "has no interest in dignity or statesman like behaviour". He says he will try not to lower himself to that level.

7.20pm:Greenwald says he has never seen a government declassify information and admit it is releasing it publicly for political purposes, like Key has.

7.23pm:Greenwald says he's speaking because now is the time "the citizenry is most engaged".

7.30pm:Greenwald says even Snowden's harshest critics have not been able to say that anything he's claimed about surveillance is either unreliable or untrue. "His record of accuracy, that the things that he has said have proven to be true, is almost entirely pure and complete and 100 percent."

7.39pm:Greenwald going through "proof" mass surveillance programme was being "officially embraced and adopted". "Why was Key's government proposing mass surveillance programmes which were, by their own reasoning, against the law?"

7:40pm:Standing ovation for Snowden as he joins the conference on the screen. Laila Harre tells him 800 people couldn't get into the Town Hall tonight.

7.46pm:Snowden says: "When metadata is collected by any arm of government without suspicion that's a violation of human rights."

7.52pm: Snowden says: "The GCSB not only uses XKEYSCORE... They've contributed to it's development." He says that's a tremendously concerning thing.

7.55:Snowden says the GCSB provides mass surveillance data to XKeyscore. He says it collects metadata and content of Kiwis.

7.57pm:Julian Assange joins the discussion live from the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

8.00pm:Assange praises Nicky Hager's "groundbreaking" work. Drilling, then the sound of knocking coming from Assange's video link.

8.05pm:Assange says: "If we look at simply the scale of the activity, we now have a situation where every single person who has access to the internet, which in New Zealand is essentially every single person, is being affected."

8.08pm:Assange says NZ has equal status to Five Eyes nations except the US. People in GCSB have become addicted to the relationship with bigger players, he says.

8.10pm:Dotcom tells Assange and Snowden "you are heroes."

"We'll close one of the Five Eyes," Dotcom says to rapturous applause.

8.15pm:Dotcom says: "There are two ways to fight mass surveillance: politically and technology."

He says encryption is the future to keep your data safe. He references his Mega website.

8:17pm:Bob Amsterdam speaks. He thanks Dotcom for the opportunity to represent him and begins by reading from Key's book.

8.26:Amsterdam says: "If you're a trader like John [Key] you have a limited number of chips to give up... One is your rule of law."

Talking about the TPP, he says: "The power of these trade agreements to impact your life, is very strong."

8.29pm:Amsterdam says: "Our Governments are using terror to invade our homes and engage in mass surveillance." He says Key is prepared to give up New Zealand's Rule of Law.

8.35pm:Amsterdam says: "We need to ask for a royal commission of inquiry into the behaviour of the Key Government," to loud applause and cheering.

"Do not accept the beast investigating its own belly."

"Your Prime Minister... is inherently a trader."

8.40pm:"Even if you trust this government, history shows that when a government becomes empowered with the control of information it will ultimately turn against its own citizens," Amsterdam says.

"It is time to stop the TPPA under its present conditions."

8.42pm:Harre wraps up the event thanking the panel.

"Tonight we have been educated by people who are champions of our human rights, who are defenders of our internet freedoms," she says.

"This moment of truth has delivered."

Harre says what we have seen over the last two days is a text book example of where the Dirty Politics story takes us. She says "we need to apply our Dirty Politics knowledge...."to our response tomorrow when the PM begins to find his diary and make his excuses tomorrow."