Artist, Tame Iti unveils new exhibition hoping it will make its way into schools

Tame Iti is hoping a snapshot of Tūhoe history will make its way into schools as his new exhibition entitled 'Tresspasses Will Be Eaten' explores colonial land confiscation.

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The artist and activist’s new exhibition entitled ‘Trespasses will be eaten’ explores colonial land confiscation. Source: 1 NEWS

The exhibition follows the journey of Te Maikoha, a Tūhoe ancestor who lived during the 1860’s when Tūhoe was subject to a scorched earth policy and its lands confiscated.

“Te Maikoha was the one who put the kupu in English referring to the crown, those who tresspass will be eaten,” says Tame Iti.

As part of the exhibition Tame Iti unveiled an app designed to let New Zealanders experience standing at what is known as the confiscation line in Ruatoki.

The artist is also giving away part of his work free on the app.

The Tūhoe story is told through paintings, old documents and haka with the app aimed at making it easier for young Kiwis to learn about New Zealand’s history.

The artist changing his mode of activism but rarely his message.

“I just have to be a lot smarter to tell the story, to share the story - the story is not mine, it belongs to the tipuna,” he says