Artist, scientist join forces to make climate change cool in the classroom

An artist and a scientist have joined forces to make the huge topic of climate change easy to understand for kids in the classroom. 

It's one of the biggest issues future generations will face, but getting kids to understand it in the first place is one of the hardest parts. Source: 1 NEWS

The kids from Christchurch's Seven Oaks School were shown footage of a camera disappearing deep beneath the sea ice by Niwa scientist Natalie Robinson.

Artist Gabby O'Connor then got the pupils stuck into their art, using 700 lengths of rope to represent when the ice is melting.

Both Ms Robinson and Ms O'Connor are planning on returning to Antarctica, one continuing her research and the other to capture the raw beauty of the crucial ice study.

Both are passionate about sharing their knowledge. 

"My work is all motivated by the question of climate change,' said Ms Robinson. 

The artwork done by Seven Oaks School pupils will be joined up with that done by five other schools around the country, which will cover an acre once complete.