Art and Matilda Green remove podcast episode starring controversial Australian Pete Evans

Art and Matilda Green have removed an episode of their podcast starring controversial Australian chef Pete Evans following online backlash.

Art and Matilda. Source: Instagram

The couple, who met on the first season of The Bachelor NZ, have their own podcast Well and Good, where they talk all things health and wellness.

Their most recent episode starred Mr Evans, who has been called out in the past for his views, including being opposed to vaccinations.  

Pete Evans.

Most recently he's attracted a lot of media attention for his controversial health claims on social media, last week dubbing the Covid-19 pandemic a "scamdemic". 

In the podcast episode, Art and Matilda Green gave a disclaimer to say that none of the views discussed should be taken as "advice".

Art Green went on to introduce Mr Evans as a "very knowledgable guy" and a "great educator in the holistic health and wellness space". 

When questioned by Art Green on why there was so much attention on Covid-19, Mr Evans said he thought it was all a "hoax". 

"Not Covid, but this whole pandemic... that we have shut down the world."

The couple faced backlash for the episode online, with social media users saying they were "disappointed" he had been given a platform and labelling the episode "dangerous". 

"Shame on Art and Matilda Green for promoting Pete Evans' dangerous views under the guise of 'provoking thought'. Evans has been a proponent of views that put peoples' wellbeing at risk," one Twitter user said. 

Today, Matilda Green shared a post on Instagram to say they had removed the episode, "as it is not having the positive outcome that we intended". 

"While we feel that Pete offers some great insight into nutrition, we have had a large amount of feedback from the public that some of his other opinions and views on health have the potential to cause harm,” Matilda Green wrote.

“Although we believe in being open to all opinions as a vehicle for learning, we have made the decision to remove the podcast.”

Roar Collective, the company behind Well & Good podcast, also released a statement apologising for a "huge error of judgement" in doing the episode.

"We can now see that this was a huge error of judgement on our behalf and we are sincerely sorry. We should not have given him a platform," Roar Collective's Instagram post read. 

"We have received feedback from you all, which we have read and taken on board. Alongside Art and Matilda, we have made the decision to remove the podcast episode as well as our Instagram post promoting its release."