Ardern promises driving lessons, budgeting for high school students as Labour announces new School Leavers' Toolkit

Every school leaver will be given driving lessons, civics education and practical budgeting skills under a Labour government.

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Announcing Labour's education policy Ms Ardern says Labour will introduce driving lessons for school students. Source: 1 NEWS

Opposition leader Jacinda Ardern announced the plans for a new School Leavers' Toolkit today.

She says in Auckland, 70 per cent of entry-level jobs require a driver's license – so Labour will offer five hours of professional driving lessons, a defensive driving course and free licence testing before students leave school.

That'll cost up to $50 million a year.

The Labour leader says she would like the first three years of tertiary education to be free. Source: 1 NEWS

Every student will be given a personalised career plan, at a cost of $30 million a year.

Financial literacy and budgeting courses will be available in all secondary schools so kids can learn about tenancy agreements, credit cards and KiwiSaver.

The Labour Party wants to see civic lessons and financial literacy lessons introduced into schools. Source: 1 NEWS

And to reverse the decline in voting rates among young people, more civics education will be taught.

The Electoral Commission will be involved and all students will have to participate.