Ardern, Collins answer question on religion and politics

Responding to a question from a member of the public, National Party leader Judith Collins described herself as a liberal Anglican with a sense of humour during tonight’s leaders’ debate.

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The Labour and National leaders answered a viewer’s question on their faith and politics. Source: 1 NEWS

Undecided New Zealanders were given the opportunity to put a question to the leaders of the National and Labour parties during the final debate.

An undecided voter asked both Collins and Labour's Jacinda Ardern what role their faith would play in their governance.

First to answer the question was Collins, who said her faith already played a role in her job.

“I am exactly who I was. I’ve always been a liberal Anglican.”

She did admit she sometimes wished that she’d done better as a woman of faith. However, she was one who had a sense of humour.

When asked about her stance, Ardern reiterated that she doesn’t have a faith but was raised Mormon and said that has shaped her view on religion.

“I hope what people can see is that I respect people no matter their belief, no matter their upbringing because I had a similar start in my life.

“But one of the reasons I’m agnostic now is, for me, I wanted to make sure my religious beliefs didn’t get in the way of anyone else practising what they chose to believe themselves.”

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