Arborist back climbing trees after losing a leg

A young arborist who lost a leg less than a year ago is back climbing trees after a remarkably quick recovery.

Mitchell Joynt credits his success to support from his workplace and from ACC, saying getting back to work became his main goal.

Mr Joynt lost his leg after his foot became caught in a wood chipper.

"It was the end of the day, it was the last stub and I sort of casually kicked it in. We were on a gravel road so my other foot just slipped on the gravel and it just dragged me in," says Mr Joynt.

The accident happened at a remote location so Mr Joynt's colleagues had to perform first aid. They did such a good job of bandaging his left that he survived an hour and a half wait for an air ambulance. The bandage wasn't removed until his amputation surgery the next morning.

"I wasn't really that gutted. Obviously there are some days when I wish I had a leg but nah it's not too bad."

In a stellar recovery, he was back climbing trees just six months later.

"The first time I climbed I wasn't even really walking properly yet and it was just sort of awkward and slow."

ACC says people rehabilitate quicker if returning to work is part of their recovery. Mr Joynt agrees.

"I was stoked to get back to work. I hated being at home doing nothing, there's only so many DVDs to watch."

A young arborist is back at work less than a year after losing a leg. Source: 1 NEWS