Anzac Day: 'We remember our brave men and women' - Sir Jerry Mateparae

We'll have live coverage of commemorations throughout the day today. Here's our coverage plan.

Sir Jerry Mateparae’s Wellington Dawn Service Anzac speech stole the show. Source: 1 NEWS

ANZAC commemorations at Auckland Museum Source: 1 NEWS

The Governor-General says Anzac Day is a time for Australians and New Zealanders to remember their shared experience on the field of battle in Gallipoli.

Speaking at the Dawn Service in Wellington, Lieutenant General Sir Jerry Mateparae said the Gallipoli landings 100 years ago today changed both nations forever.

Sir Jerry was standing alongside the Governor-General of Australia, Sir Peter Cosgrove, and the Queen's Representative from the Cook Islands, Tom Marsters, at the new National War Memorial Park.

"If we cast our minds back to this day 100 years ago...the Anzacs would have been feeling all kinds of emotions and wondering how the day would unfold for them. For most, it would be their first taste of war, for many hundreds of them, it would also be their last."

The Governor-General said this is our day to pause and reflect, to honour and remember all those who have served their country in all wars and, in particular, those who have lost their lives in executing that duty.

Sir Jerry paid tribute to the relationship between Australia and New Zealand, saying the two countries have also served alongside each other in South Africa, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Afghanistan.

"We were both part of the international coalition in the First Gulf War and we have served together in peacekeeping missions in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. And closer to home we have served together on peacekeeping operations in East Timor and on Bougainville.

"For me, it is those human connections that we are commemorating the sun rises here, we remember our brave men and women. When the sun sets in Canberra this evening, we will remember them and we will affirm the strength of our bonds forged in Gallipoli and holding fast until this day."