Any tax increases planned by Labour will be revealed 'early on' in election campaign, Ardern says

Jacinda Ardern isn’t ruling out tax increases as the Labour Party eyes its upcoming policy rollout ahead of September's general election.

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The Labour leader says her party’s tax policy would be revealed early on in the election campaign. Source: Breakfast

The Labour Party leader told TVNZ1’s Breakfast this morning that Labour’s tax policy would be revealed "early on" in the election campaign.

“I have said that we do need to do, and will do, our tax policy very early on in the campaign so you can expect that to happen,” Ms Ardern said.

Ms Ardern didn’t reveal further detail on what the policy would look like for New Zealanders.

But, due to the financial constraints New Zealand is facing due to Covid-19, she did say there would be no “large-scale” policies.

“One of the things that we have said though - just because of the financial constraints that New Zealand is under - and that we have had a very significant spend with our Covid recovery and response, and our five point plan, we’re already seeking support to keep rolling that out … because of that you won’t see large scale policy initiatives.

National won't put taxes up, but it also won't offer tax relief - Judith Collins

“But you will see plenty of new ideas.”

When further pressed by Breakfast presenter Scotty Stevenson about whether Labour would increase tax if re-elected, Ms Ardern said we would have to “stay tuned”.

“I absolutely understand that this is one where people are very, very interested.

“So we acknowledge that and it will be coming out very early on.”

Last week National Party leader Judith Collins revealed her party would not increase taxes if elected into Government.

Ms Collins said not increasing taxes was "very important" to National.