Another border worker has tested positive for Covid-19, Ashley Bloomfield confirms

A frontline border worker has tested positive for Covid-19, the Ministry of Health has confirmed.  

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The 24-year-old man was a worker at Auckland’s Grand Millennium hotel. Source: 1 NEWS

Today’s update was made in an unscheduled press conference this afternoon by Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield.

The 24-year-old, a security guard at the Grand Millenium MIQ facility, tested positive following routine testing on Tuesday. 

According to Bloomfield, the worker is yet to be vaccinated and was reported to having a sore throat four days ago. 

He said there's nothing to suggest the man had refused vaccination or couldn't get it but was rather waiting to get the jab.

Bloomfield also shot down suggestions he had "fallen through the cracks". 

He said around 95 per cent of the first priority group, which includes border workers, have been vaccinated. 

The PCR test returned high CT values, meaning the case is either at the beginning or end of the infection period or that it’s a historical case.

Another urgent test and blood serology is underway to determine what period the new case is in.

The person lives alone but an investigation is being carried out by health officials to determine if there’s been any contact with others.

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Dr Ashley Bloomfield will meet with reporters at 1pm, when the daily Covid-19 results are released. Source: 1 NEWS

The person carpools with a colleague who has been deemed a close contact and is now isolating at home. The colleague has been vaccinated with both doses of the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine.

At this stage there’s no locations of interest, health officials said. The two had worked over Easter on night shifts.

Full genome sequencing into the case is underway to determine the strain of the virus, and results are expected tomorrow.

It's not the first time a worker from the Grand Millennium has tested positive for the coronavirus. A cleaner at the facility tested positive for the UK strain on 22 March.

Due to the cases, the Ministry of Health is now carrying out an “out of cycle infection prevention control audit” of the hotel.

The process was previously carried out at the Pullman and Grand Mercure facilities. 

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The update was provided by Ashley Bloomfield on the day a new border worker infection was revealed. Source: 1 NEWS

As part of the country’s vaccine rollout, border workers are among the first eligible to receive the vaccine.

They’re also required to undergo regular routine testing for the virus to monitor for any outbreaks.

It's been 39 days since the last case of community transmission in the Auckland February cluster, which plunged the city in to lockdown.

Yesterday, Bloomfield announced the cluster had officially closed as it had been over 28 days since the last case was deemed recovered.

Over 71,000 first doses of the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine have been administered since the programme began in mid-February.