Animal instincts run wild at Wellington Zoo's adults only event

Wellington Zoo's adults only event for Valentine's Day is being celebrated as a roaring success with more people turning up to learn how animals gets intimate than ever before.

Wellington Zoo spokesperson Zel Lazarevich said while night was fun for the hundreds of lovers that turned up, it was also an opportunity for the staff to share conservation messages of what the public can do to help.

Guests heard love-themed talks about the zoo's star attractions, finding out every relationship is very unique in the animal kingdom too.

Herbivore team leader Bobby Stoop said the zoo's most eligible bachelor, Pepe the capybara, had found out that hard way that being eager won't get you far.

"We have three females and one male so they're a lot bigger than he is - he needs to play it safe," he said.

As for the sumatran tigers, getting together could take months or even years.

Bashii and Senja are kept in separate areas for their own safety but things are looking promising.

In a bid from staff to get the pair accustomed, Senja left her scent in Bashii's enclosure which he later showed interest in.

Forget the candle-lit dinner and half-price chocolates, Wellingtonians get their love tips from the animal kingdom. Source: 1 NEWS