Anika Moa defies on air backlash from tattoo haters on Seven Sharp: 'Bugger it, I’m getting another one'



Seven Sharp

After some “stink” feedback about her moko or tattoos during her recent stint as Seven Sharp host, Anika Moa decided to stick it to her critics by popping out and getting another tattoo.

The Seven Sharp host has decided the best way to respond to criticisms of her tattoos on TV, is to get another one.
Source: Seven Sharp

Seven Sharp viewer Peter wrote into the show saying he wouldn’t watch while Moa’s tattoos were visible.

Moa responded by explaining that her moko is a direct link to her whakapapa and whanau and she’s proud to have her culture on her skin. She also decided to get another tattoo.

While adding to her moko, Moa found out that women are on the rise in the tattooing industry.

Moa believed that attitudes like this proved that New Zealand is racist.

“Taika Waititi and I think that (NZ Is racist),” she said.

Moa also had some more bad news for viewers that hate tattoos.

“I’ve got some bad news for you, I’m also a gay.”

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