Anglican Church votes to reinstate beloved Christ Church Cathedral


The Anglican Church has voted to save the Christ Church Cathedral.

Over half of the church's synod has voted to reinstate the building damaged in the Christchurch earthquake.
Source: 1 NEWS

Around 200 Synod members, who've spent the last three days discussing the building's future, are to vote between three options for the Cathedral. Today they chose option A to reinstate the building.

Yesterday Christchurch mayor Lianne Dalziel and Christchurch Regeneration Minister Nicky Wagner addressed Synod, and implored members to vote for reinstatement.

They said this option provides the most certainty for the city.

"New Zealand's oldest city is now becoming New Zealand's newest city.

The rebuild is expected to cost more than $100 million, and could take up to a decade.
Source: 1 NEWS

"But we have lost so much of our heritage that we seek to hold on to what was retained.

"It's a significant loss to our city, and that's why we support the government offer. Christ Church Cathedral is the most important building in that it is literally the heart and soul of the city," Ms Dalziel said.

After Synod has made its decision, it then needs sign off from the laity, the clergy and then the Bishop.

Bishop Victoria Matthews said this decision would be "writing history".

"It was not overwhelming, it was approximately 55 per cent.

"But then I put the decision to the whole synod and asked if they were happy with it and it was an overwhelming yes," she added. 

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