Andrew Little deflects worst approval rating by Labour leader since 2009: Polls are not 'what motivate me'

Andrew Little has announced he is "not motivated" by poll results on the campaign trail after receiving the lowest approval rating by a Labour leader in almost a decade.

The Labour leader says polls are interesting but "that’s not what motivates me". Source: Breakfast

Speaking to Jack Tame on TVNZ1's Breakfast today over his fourth placing as New Zealand's preferred Prime Minister, registering at five per cent, Mr Little implied the number does not reflect the public's desire for social change.

"Those are numbers, that's interesting but right now I take my motivation from the people who are talking to me. So many people come up to me and say 'this is not the New Zealand we want, we need a change'," he said.

The former Alliance Leader says Labour are up against it as the election looms. Source: Breakfast

"In the end I find that stuff [poll numbers] interesting but it's not what motivates me. What motivates me are the stories I get about people who are doing it really tough."

Mr Little's popularity fell by three points to five per cent while Mr Peters jumped four points to 11 per cent in the latest 1 NEWS Colar Brunton poll. It's the lowest result for a leader of the opposition since 2009.

"Look I'm not here to explain the polls, I can talk about my experiences.

"I gauge the type of feedback and the extent of it. People who come up and talk to me now compared to say a year ago, certainly two years ago, it is a world of difference.

"People are coming up to me and saying 'I voted National before, I'm not voting for them again because I don't like the fact there are 90,000 young people out of work'."

Upon further questioning from Tame around whether internal Labour Party polls were showing different results to Labour's disastrous 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton Poll, Mr Little was vague.

"Look there's a whole heap of different polls including our internal ones that have a range of sort of different numbers," Mr Little said.

"The poll is the poll, yeah interesting. In the end, it might sound like a cliche, but there's only one poll that matters and it's on the 23rd of September.

"We've got 10 weeks of a campaign ahead of us. Campaigns make a difference and I'm into it every step of the way."