Analysis: Who went up and who went down in National's latest line-up

National announced its new, reduced line-up today, which saw some take hefty tumbles down the rankings, while others have shot up to coveted positions - sitting snugly near leader Judith Collins.

Going up 

Andrew Bayly and Michael Woodhouse

Judith Collins, Andrew Bayly and Michael Woodhouse. Source: 1 NEWS

Two of those snugly-placed MPs are Andrew Bayly and Michael Woodhouse. Both have taken a dramatic jump, with Bayly skyrocketing from a mediocre placing of 17 right up to third, and Woodhouse going from 12 to four. 

It comes after Woodhouse was punished under Collins' first caucus reshuffle last July and stripped of the health portfolio, after his involvement in the Covid-19 leak privacy scandal. And in comparison for Bayly, he was placed 25th under former National leader Todd Muller in May. 

Shane Reti

Source: 1 NEWS

Looking at his track record, it does not come as a surprise 'Dr Shane', as Collin often refers to the physician turned MP, has risen up the ranks to stand beside his leader. Just yesterday, Reti was made National's deputy while holding onto the health portfolio and also being given 'children'. 

An article in E-Tangata outlined Reti's time in Harvard, his badminton prowess and his guitar playing skills - but it was only February when Reti sat at a spot of 28th on National's list.

Louise Upston 

Source: 1 NEWS

Another MP who continues to rise, Upston already held social development and investment, but this latest reshuffle saw her pulled up to fifth and given additional roles of employment, Whānau Ora and land information. 

Going down

Paul Goldsmith loses finance as Judith Collins announces National's new caucus line-up

Paul Goldsmith

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Goldsmith lost the coveted position in National’s shadow cabinet after a high-profile error on the campaign. Source: 1 NEWS

A brutal serve on Goldsmith has seen him dramatically pulled down the rankings to 12. Stripped of finance, he is the only MP to be given just one portfolio - education. 

It comes after the $4 billion "irritating mistake" in National's finance plan during the election campaign. 

Simon Bridges 

Source: 1 NEWS

Despite only a short fall from fourth to seventh, Bridges had foreign affairs pulled from him. It was a portfolio he was only recently given and one he labelled a "fantastic" get. After he was rolled by Todd Muller, it was understood that was the portfolio Bridges asked for. 

Mark Mitchell 

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The MP has put his name forward for the position a number of times this year. Source: Q+A

Having held portfolios across defence, disarmament and justice for some time, Mitchell has lost the two former and has been handed down public service, state owned enterprises, and sport and recreation. Mitchell technically climbs up the ranks from 15 to 13, but is placed behind Paul Goldsmith. Mitchell ruled out challenging Collins for leadership a day after the election. 

Gerry Brownlee 

Gerry Brownlee. Source: 1 NEWS

It's not all bad for Brownlee, who picks up foreign affairs and associate finance and holds onto GCSB and NZSIS - but the former deputy is a distant 15th on the list. 

First term MPs

Despite a range of experience, and instances such as in Labour where newbie Ayesha Verrall jumped to a full ministerial position, the same can't be said for National's new MPs. 

The five fresh faces, which include former Air NZ CEO Christopher Luxon and ex Southern Institute of Technology chief executive Penny Simmonds, stay down the bottom of the list. However, they do pick up decent-sized portfolios, with Nicola Grigg taking on women, Luxon being given local government, Simmonds given tertiary education and Joesph Mooney getting treaty negotiations and associate defence positions.