Analysis: Referendum over Maori seats appears off the table for Winston Peters


The push by New Zealand First for a referendum on the Maori seats appears to be one issue off the table, as behind the scenes work on coalition negotiations gets underway.

1 NEWS political reporter Katie Bradford says most other things will be up for debate, however.
Source: 1 NEWS

1 NEWS political reporter Katie Bradford says both Labour and National won't be keen on letting Winston Peters have it all his own way in negotiations.

"One of the issues that Mr Peters has campaigned on is a referendum on the Maori seats.

"Labour is of course opposed to that idea, they now hold all seven seats, and National, while they did have a policy in the past to abolish the Maori seats, is not so keen on that idea under Bill English," Bradford said.

1 NEWS' Andrea Vance says we are no closer to finding out the make-up of the next government after Mr Peters' theatrics.
Source: 1 NEWS

She went on to say Mr Peters' Maori seat referendum would be the easiest policy for him to drop in the negotiations.

"If such a referendum were held it would be divisive and expensive," Bradford said.

National, Labour and NZ First are currently holed away in Parliament while they discuss their respective strategies for the upcoming coalition talks.

The NZ First leader says any talks with other leaders are subject to special votes being counted on October 7.
Source: 1 NEWS

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