'An incredible experience ... it shows how special NZ culture is' - groom humbled by popularity of Kiwi wedding haka

A Kiwi groom and bride are "humbled" by people across the globe reacting to a passionate and tearful haka which was filmed after their Hamilton wedding.

"It's been an incredible experience so far, it's really caught us out of the blue," Benjamin Armstrong told ONE News this afternoon.

Mr Armstrong was married and sealed to Aaliyah Hall last Friday at the the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints' Hamilton New Zealand Temple.

Following the ceremony, an "overwhelming" haka was performed and recorded by the couple's closest friends and family.

"All those guys, the people that are so close to your heart, and who you've shared so many experiences with. You can't help but feel overwhelmed," Mr Armstrong said.

The famous groom said the haka was so powerful it went on to move millions worldwide. Source: 1 NEWS

He said those of his faith often use a haka to show support and love during a momentous step in a person's life.

Mr Armstrong's best man helped organise the haka, while his older brother Joel led the emotional display next to younger brother Jarom, before their father also joined in.

After sharing footage of the haka on social media, the video quickly went viral.

"We've had a ridiculous amount of messages. People talking about how it made them cry, how it makes them want to become closer to their culture," Mr Armstong said.

He added he was "humbled" by how popular the video, filmed by the Hettig brothers of Westone Productions, had become worldwide.

"Some of the personal comments have come from people in Georgia, Portugal, all over the world ... I really think it shows how popular New Zealand culture is around the world and how special it is."