An Anzac project needs your help with the creation of a fascinating database

A new database collecting individual information on our Anzac soldiers needs New Zealanders to chip in and help out.

The “Measuring the ANZACS” project is using crowdsourcing to create a database of information on every soldier. Source: 1 NEWS

From height, weight, rank and service records, the Measuring the Anzacs database will allow people to see details of where people served, the stories of their service and an insight into life on the front lines.

Evan Roberts from the project hopes people will get hooked on logging for the exciting project.

"People can come along and do just one thing or what we're hoping that people get really interested and do whole pages, whole files of particular individuals."

It's a big task, details of over 140,000 soldiers need to be documented

The researchers aim to complete the work by the end of 2018 in time to mark 100 years since the war was won.