Amount of money lost by over-65s to scams on the decline

Almost everyone has received a scam email in their inbox, or had a suspicious phone call.

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The average loss is down 80 per cent to $14,000 over the last 18 months, figures show. Source: 1 NEWS

While it's always been the perception that the older generation are the ones falling prey, new figures suggest that's no longer the case.

Figures released exclusively to 1 NEWS show the average amount of money over-65s are losing to scams is declining.

The average loss of those who report it is down 80 per cent, from $77,000 to $14,000 over the last 18 months.

CERT chief executive Rob Pope said it's proof cyber safety messages are getting through.

"[Over-65s] are actually becoming more savvy," he said.

"They're wising up and they're actually applying the basic security controls that are protecting their financial information."

While the amount of money over-65s are losing to scams is down, the number of reported scams has increased by more than 200 per cent in the last 18 months.

For comparison, the 55-64 age group are not doing so well.

They were responsible for 89 per cent of all direct financial losses due to scams.

That works out to be more than $4 million.

Mr Pope says people shouldn't be scared to report scammers.

"These attackers don't discriminate and it's really important that we receive those reports so we can help New Zealanders."