Americans' Google searches on how to move to NZ spike amid US Capitol turmoil

As protests erupted at Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., today — followed by a riot inside the US halls of power — Google searches for ‘how to move to New Zealand’ spiked to a seven-day high.

Google searches for how to move to New Zealand spiked to a seven-day high. Source: Google.

It comes amid an unprecedented day of political unrest in the United States as supporters of soon to be ousted President Donald Trump stormed the US Capitol while lawmakers prepared to affirm successor Joe Biden's presidential victory.

The bedlam that ensued caused the debate over the electoral count to be suspended for hours, before resuming this afternoon.

Joe Biden calls storming of US Capitol by pro-Trump mob an 'unprecedented assault'

The searches peaked at 11.00am NZ time – people in the top five states searching were from Oregon, Colorado, Hawaii, Utah and Washington.

Searches for jobs in New Zealand were also up along with how much it would cost to move.

It’s not the first time the trend has emerged. In September last year, as the fiery Trump, Biden debate was televised, Americans also took to Google to search a possible move out of the US.