America eyes NZ as sweeping changes to gun laws enforced

For years gun control has divided America but there has been little action, now the decision to ban semi automatics in New Zealand is forcing law makers in the United States to take note.

Prime Minister Jacinda Adern has emerged a leader of stirring sympathy and steely resolve, announcing a ban on all military style semi automatics in the wake of the Christchurch mosque shootings last week.

Our government's swift response to take action on guns has made the headlines in the United States with many now questioning why nothing has happened there.

New Zealand journalist Susan Baldacci covered the Columbine shooting in 1999 and she says our Prime Minister is receiving international praise.

"I think people are so impressed with her because she just did it - she's leading with her heart, she's leading in a way that we wish leaders would do more of and setting an example for the world and that's the sort of coverage she's getting here," she said.

There's been no comment from the White House about the gun ban here, but commentators say officials are watching.

Tom Mauser lost a son in the Columbine shooting and is now an active campaigner in the gun control movement. 

"Our law makers are going to be very worried about what happens, because again those who don't want to see changes in gun laws don't like countries taking action like that - but even those who don't want to see change are afraid because they feel there will be pressure on them," he said. 

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The 0800 information line has received more than 800 calls with the decision to ban military-style semi-automatics here is prompting law makers in the United States to take notice. Source: 1 NEWS