'Amazing' - John Oliver praises New Zealand's handling of Christchurch tragedy on Last Week Tonight show

US talk show host John Oliver says New Zealand has been "amazing" in its response to the Christchurch mosque terror attacks.

In his latest episode of Last Week Tonight Oliver opens the show with the New Zealand flag in the background before praising the country’s resilience, saying "It’s been showing great strength in how it’s been responding".

Oliver said, it wasn't "just a disgusting act" from the alleged shooter, but that it was "a total affront to the basic values of the people of New Zealand."

"New Zealand is an incredible place and I know we make fun of it on this show all the time. Honestly, there is nothing I like more than making fun of New Zealand, but part of that may be that controversies over there tend to get handled with calm and good cheer," Oliver said.

His show has previously referenced the New Zealand flag change debate and IKEA when the furniture company left New Zealand off the maps they were selling.

"How can you not a love a country that has a contest to design a new flag for itself and someone submits a kiwi bird with lasers coming out its eyes," Oliver joked.