'Always blow on the pie' cop returns with new message to stop spread of coronavirus

Ten years ago, a Kiwi police officer who gave us all words to live by - "always blow on the pie" - has returned with a new safety message to create safer communities together.

In 2009, Senior Sergeant Guy Baldwin went viral after telling a man suspected of stealing a vehicle, who claimed he was simply going to a service station to buy a pie, a piece of advice on TVNZ 2's Police Ten 7.

"Three o'clock in the morning, you're buying a pie from a BP station, what must you always do?" he asked the suspect at the time. "Three o'clock in the morning, that pie has been in the warming drawer for probably about 12 hours - it'll be thermonuclear.

"You must always blow on the pie - always blow on the pie. Safer communities together, OK?"

Now, Mr Baldwin has returned with a new message - staying inside to save lives.

"10 years ago, I reminded you all to blow on your pies," Mr Baldwin said in a video posted to social media. "This thing [Covid-19] is an invisible dragon.

"Please, stay home, let's break the chain and save lives."

He said following the coronavirus lockdown rules will end the self-isolation period sooner.

"Let's slay this dragon and get back to doing the things we love, like eating pies. Safer communities together."