Alternative 'bush school' encourages the use of knives in preparation for the future

Deep Green Bush School has no classrooms, no structured lessons, and students get to use knives. 

Tim Wilson visits Deep Green Bush School to get a look at an alternative education in the bush. Source: Seven Sharp

Bush teacher Joey Moncarz said there are no tests or bells "that tell them they have to go from one place to another".

"The problem is people hear the word school, they think of all the schools they know. But there is no school like us anywhere in New Zealand, or for that matter anywhere in the world."

There are no electronics, instead a study plan that includes teaching knife skills. 

It's the opposite of skills-based learning, which is why the school, based south of Auckland, focuses on qualities like independence. 

"If students develop certain qualities, then that will be able to allow them to adapt and to thrive in whatever world they find themselves in. Because no school can predict the world that will be there in five to ten years," Mr Moncarz said.